How can I Help?


Expert feedback

You have a working prototype , alpha or early beta of your project?

I will:


Test user experience

Test user flow

Test gameplay mechanics

Analyze Pace and difficulty

Analyze audio and graphical fidelity


High level concept design

You have a rough idea of what your next project should be and you need to turn it into a real concept that can be communicated to the team.

I will:


Absorb all your input and ideas

Turn them into a plausible high level concept design


Complete design document

You have a high level concept design and you need to turn it into a fully flushed out design document ready for delivery to the development team

I will:


Analyze your design concept and give feedback/suggestions where needed

Turn the concept into a complete design


You want to investigate what AR/VR or Blockchain technology could do for your brand or business and present it to the decision makers.

potential use case investigation


I will:

Analyze your product and investigate potential use cases for AR/VR/Blockchain